Author Topic: Dropping in to say hi!  (Read 883 times)


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Dropping in to say hi!
« on: September 27, 2014, 11:28:49 AM »
Hey everyone its your cuddly amazing Mason who has been absent for awhile. I have not forgotten about you all, I have just been crazy busy. So busy in fact that last night was the first time I have got to game in almost a month! I will try to drop in more often and hopefully catch a few streams in a few weeks!

Between school, work, helping with animation classes, and working on my senior project I have been slammed! If you ever need to contact me or would like to game sometime you can contact me on here (I may be slow to reply), contact me via my website (may be a little faster on reply), or contact me on twitter (I will reply). Id put up my email but I am getting a new one soon so for now those are your choices!

I look forward to showing you some of my work in a few weeks but until then, Hope everyone is have a great 4th quarter! Stay classy PXS!


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