Author Topic: Can I livestream/take video/write about my thoughts on the early builds?  (Read 1610 times)


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This is lifted directly from the KS Update from June 5th.

Yes, with a catch or three. We want our users to enjoy the game (and help others enjoy it). This means that you have our permission to show it around in your corner of the internet. But we do have a few requests:
1: Be clear that you are playing an “Early Alpha” build of the game. It is not representative of the final game in terms of features, game mechanics, content, or quality.
2: To help with the above (and to help everyone keep track of which version they are playing), we’ll be putting a “watermark” in the corner of the screen stating something like “Alpha: [Build Name] [Version Number].” This will not obstruct gameplay. We ask that you don’t try to crop or edit this watermark out in any screenshots or videos.
3: Please make the assumption that since this version is not finished, the final quality of the game will (hopefully) be improved — and further assume that your input can help us improve that quality!
4: Feel free to share your early opinions online, but if you want to contribute to improving quality or need to make a complaint or a bug/crash report, we ask that you give us feedback through the forums. These forums allow us to track these issues and feedback much more effectively, and respond directly to critiques.

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Thanks for reposting this here Coby!


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Thanks, I missed this in the 05/06 update.
I think that I probably stopped reading at the announcement of the release of alpha build #1. Excitement does that to me.

I only really post vids/blogs on games when I think I have something to contribute by doing so.

That doesn't mean I won't aim to provide feedback though.


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I wrote a little preview of the game on my blog, Sprites and Dice. If you want to give it a look, here's a link. Let me know if I need to fix any inaccuracies/clear anything up. :)

Also, would you rather see articles posted under fan submissions? I figure an article like this is written more for people unfamiliar with the game than for the fans, so I'll stick it here for now.


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This is worthy.


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