Author Topic: How to remap controls for Keyboard & Gamepad  (Read 1107 times)


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How to remap controls for Keyboard & Gamepad
« on: February 17, 2014, 10:25:41 AM »
With build v0.6.2 it is now possible to remap your controls on the Keyboard or on your Gamepad. Once we have the front end menus done, you will be able to do this from within the game and the game will save your preferences, but for now, you can modify your control scheme via database.

1. Locate the "controllers.csv" file. You will find it on PC here: "install_directory/assets/data/database/v2". In OSX, control-click on the Delver's Drop App and select "Show Package Contents". The file will be in "Contents/Resources/Assets/Data/Database/v2".

2. Import the "controllers.csv" file into Google Docs or Excel or similar spreadsheet program. You can manually edit the CSV but it is much easier to edit if you import it into a spreadsheet.

3. After importing the sheet, it is still kind of ugly, so you may want to adjust the columns and rows and what not to make it more readable.

Edit Keyboard Controls
4a. Find the row that starts with "Keyboard Only" this is the Keyboard controls entry. You can change any value in this row under the appropriate "action". The list of acceptable values (keys and buttons) that you can use [/size]can be found in this doc.[/size] You can use any of the values listed under the sections "Keyboard" and "Mouse".
[/size]Edit Gamepad Controls
4b. If you want to remap a controller that we have already mapped, then you need to find the corresponding row AND the corresponding OS section. The same controller on different platforms reads differently (unfortunately). So if you want to modify the XBox 360 controller on Mac, you would first find the SECTION called MAC and then the row below that for the XBox 360 controller.

If you want to remap a controller that we have not already mapped, then you will want to use the row "UNMAPPED CONTROLLER" which is right below "Keyboard Only". If you are using a Gamepad we haven't mapped yet, we would greatly appreciate it if you could map it for us.

Once you know the proper row to edit, you can change any of the values for the appropriate "action". The list of acceptable values (buttons and axes) can be found in the same doc as above under the sections "Axis", "Axis as Buttons", and "Buttons".

Remapping a controller is a little bit odd compared to a keyboard - a controller returns values to the host device in the form of axes, buttons, and POV (hat switch.) Different controllers return different combinations of these things, and even the same controller on different platforms returns different stuff. Here are the basic rules:
-Analog sticks will read as axes
-Triggers may read as axes or buttons
-DPADs may read as axes, buttons, or pov

If your gamepad reads triggers as an axis, and you want to use the trigger to do a button command (say, "throw") then you will use the "axis as button" value to map it. I wish this were a little bit less confusing but alas, it is what we are left to deal with.

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