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Off-Topic Taps / MOVED: Delvers Drop Forum Game Night
« on: March 10, 2015, 04:03:58 PM »

Off-Topic Taps / MOVED: Speaking of Zelda...
« on: March 10, 2015, 04:03:25 PM »

Off-Topic Taps / MOVED: New Zelda Announced!
« on: March 10, 2015, 04:03:17 PM »

Off-Topic Taps / MOVED: Alternate Endings
« on: March 10, 2015, 04:03:06 PM »

Off-Topic Taps / MOVED: MMOs you play/played
« on: March 10, 2015, 04:02:56 PM »

Off-Topic Taps / MOVED: Favorite Fan Projects
« on: March 10, 2015, 04:01:51 PM »

Off-Topic Taps / MOVED: Art Discussion
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Jukebox Playlist / YouTubers & Twitch Streamers to Follow
« on: March 04, 2015, 11:14:58 PM »
I'm kind of on a Dark Souls kick, but I don't want to limit this thread. Who should I follow on YouTube? I know some of the big names, but I've never been really into the YouTube/stream community, so let's pretend I'm ignorant.

For Example:
I really like Nintendo Capri Sun's crazy Zelda speedruns:
And I recently discovered NotECEC's Dark Souls work: He also runs the Dark Soul Haters Tumblr here:

Game Brewery / Dark Souls Strategy
« on: March 03, 2015, 11:13:37 PM »
So people. Tell me everything you know / like / love / hate about Dark Souls.

Should I riposte, back-dash, or block and counter-attack? Pros, cons?

What do you like or not like about the elemental / damage type system?

Jukebox Playlist / Baker Plays: Dark Souls
« on: March 03, 2015, 11:10:28 PM »
Hey everyone. Way back when it first came out, I tried for a while to play Demon Souls, but gave up on it because I don't have enough time to play games anyway, and I realized quickly that it was going to be a huge time sink compared to progress / reward. While this was true, I wish I would have latched on a bit faster. I was trying to make a real go of it, but after fighting some knight up on the bridge who was out of may pay grade, and being one hit away from killing him after 20 minutes or so of skillful parrying, I finally received a killing blow. That was pretty annoying. Then I went the "right" way, and kept dying and losing soul thingies, which got really tiring because I'm a perfectionist, and I want ALL THE SOUL THINGIES. Anyway, I had other things to do, and other games to play, and moved on.

But! After listening to a few episodes of the podcast "Bonfireside Chat" ( I realized two or three things:
1) Holy crap! Dark Souls is way more like a 3D Delver's Drop (or vice versa) from what I had thought.
2) It sounds slightly more forgiving than the original Demon's Souls, which makes it slightly more rewarding with my limited amount of time to put toward playing games.
3) Well crap, I should have been playing these games way more since we started DDrop. I thought I was familiar enough, but in reality I was only familiar with the surface-level details.

So... I'm going to dedicate some real time to Dark Souls 1&2. We're probably only talking a few (1-5) hours per week if I'm lucky, but this might be entertaining for everyone.

Delvers Lore & World / Alignment System(s)
« on: February 05, 2015, 11:42:40 PM »
I am not a huge fan of the D&D alignment system, partly because I think the terms are somewhat misnomers for what they represent, and also because I think it's too heavily influenced by standard socio-politics. It probably works pretty well for a medieval world, but... meh I like to mix things up anyway.

So this is what I've been thinking about (terms subject to change):

---------------------- ----CREATE & THRIVE----- -------PRESERVE------ -------DESTROY--------
------FREE WILL------- -Altruism, Sacrifice---- -Survival------------- -Thievery-------------
------STRUCTURE------- -Symbiosis, Coexistence- -Law, Justice--------- -Enthrallment---------
------DOMINION-------- -Idealist Manipulation-- -Tyranny, Inquisition- -Nullification--------

Which is a simplification of this:

---------------------- -------CREATION------- -------PRESERVATION------- -------FEAR------- -----DESTRUCTION------
------FREE WILL------- -Altruism------------- -Survival---------------- -Fleeing------------- -Violence-------------
------PURPOSE------- -Love, Caretaking------- -Protection (Proactive)--- -Selfishness--------- -Hate---------
------PRAGMATISM-------- -Idealism------------ -Law, Justice------------ -Greed, Thievery-- -Assimilation, Killing-------
------DOMINION-------- -Manipulation------- -Tyranny, Inquisition----- -Enthrallment, Slavery-- -Nullification-------

Sorry the tables feature is terrible on this message board.

Delvers Lore & World / LORE: Gods (the early rough version)
« on: January 08, 2015, 08:41:05 AM »
Since the gods don't play super directly into DDrop (or at least not yet as far as we have it written), I have some old versions of the history and list of gods that I think will probably be revised. So I'll post the older version first, and we'll work up to the new one. You'll notice that some overlap has developed between some old god names and new element names, and there are probably disparities between descriptions here and the newest info on matter/energy/spirit. Ignore those for now, I'll iron them out.

When referring to gods, use ""The"" + Common Name (first one listed) + Lore name (second one listed), such as "The Infinity Absolutus" or "The Primus Electus".

For a shorter version, use only the common name, except in the case of "Absolutus" which should use the Lore Name Absolutus only.

Infinity   Absolutus
The Absolutus is the absolute being, the All-In-One, the Originator and Infinity, the Pleroma, or body of the universe. Its nature was hidden in its two closed fists: the Pylars. These Gods were revealed at the beginning of the universe, one by one, reflections of the nature of the Pleroma, body of the Absolutus — each Pylar with its own purpose. The Absolutus' design was for the Pylars to work in harmony, and though they did not, it is thought that their strife with each other and the loss of harmony in the universe may yet be rectified, since the nature of the Pylars is still, and always be, a part of the nature of the Absolutus.

The Pylars, or Overgods   
1   Primus Electus
The mind and will / choice of the Absolutus. It was revealed to act, to execute that which the Absolutus desires, to change and mold the universe in time, separating the before and after, and allowing for change.
• Discrete existence
• Thought, Change, Time
• Choice, Will, the Mind

2   Void Echos

The Absolutus commands Primus to cut away the emptiness, separating it from his body, the Pleroma — creating the Void. Space and stillness are created. In this stillness abides the Spirit, the immaterial essence of the Pleroma, which cannot be touched or defiled.
• Peace, stillness
• Space (empty space)
• The Spirit Echo, the True Being, the Breath

3   Source Signus

The Absolutus commands Primus to cut a wound through his Pleroma body, forming an infinite current of Allblood — creating the Source. The Allblood of source is the root of all created matter and substances, and full of infinite potential.
• The cycle of flourishing life
• Matter in time
• Blood
• The Soul (The Body-Mind-Essence)

4   Flourish Euphoria

"The Absolutus commands the Source to separate itself into two currents: the Ichor and the Murk, the substances of creation.  The flow of matter in space is created in two rings — Ichor and Murk. These are then symbolized by two overlapping rings OO.

Absolutus' favored child the Flourish, the ultimate expression of his will, is revealed in this separation and creation of distinct substances. She commands the two currents of Ichor and Murk. The Murk has the potential for anything, and is all and nothing at once, a beauty in chaos. The Ichor is pure and completely itself - its beauty is in its uniformity and purity.
• Diversity, uniqueness
• Proliferation, Expansion

5   Law, Rule, Command, Canon, Creed (?)

Primus commands that Flourish create and allow proliferation in the Ichor and Murk, but that they remain separate, at great peril to the Pleroma. The Pylar of Law is revealed.
• Law
• Division / Stratification / Organization"

6   Allure

"Flourish created universes and worlds in the cascades of the Ichor and Murk, but over time became dissatisfied with her limitations of keeping them separate. She then disobeyed the Primus' law of separation by attempting to combine the two flows. The flows crossed, burning their two OO rings into the infinity symbol, aka the Twisted Ring — the Ichor on Murk continuously consuming and regenerating itself.

In doing so, Flourish created Allure, the possibility for that which did not exist (the Void-Dream), was not intended (the Twisted-Dream), and what could have been (the Flourish-Dream) — the three sides of Allure's nature. Allure is burdened by the weight of the three dreams and blinded (represented as blindfolded) by its divided nature, and begins to fall — its falling continues throughout all time, and its fall will mean the end of strife in cataclysm for that which was created by the twisting of the Source.
• Free Will
• Yearning
• Evaluation, Comparision, Weighing
• Creativity in searching, discovering, unmaking, re-inventing
• Desire for the non-existing, non-present, and even non-beneficial

7   Tryst (Mercy)

The Absolutus commands Primus to kill Flourish for its disobedience to the Primus' law, and the Primus refuses, revealing Tryst, the imbuement of value, the desire for that which is to remain, and the power of love and forgiveness. One of the three rods / pillars of Law was bent, changing his symbol.
• Attraction
• Love
• Value, Worth
• Creativity in refining and beautifying
• Desire for the existing and present
• Mercy"

8   Paradox

The creation of Tryst in the midst of Law revealed Paradox - a spinning shield held between Law and Tryst, balancing Justice and Forgiveness in order to prevent the two from destroying each other. It is therefore the divine mystery of the coexistence of Law and Tryst. It keeps the two separate, but sometimes crevices are found in its shield, and Tryst wins in spite of Law. Paradox also revealed the element of chance — for things to happen that are not a direct result of the Absolutus' (or the Pylar's) will.
• Paradoxes
• Chance
• Division of Justice from Forgiveness, Law from Tryst
• ... and the balance between the two.

9   Ruin (Strife), Sorrow, Desolation (?)

"During the struggle for the universe to reveal Paradox (Tryst in spite of Law), Flourish crept silently into the Pleroma and drank of the Ichor and bathed in Murk. The Ichor formed within Flourish 12 seeds: The God-Eggs. The Murk shrouded her in a shadowy cloak that hid her glory.

Flourish was found by Law, but he was opposed by Allure. In the resulting struggle, Paradox flung his Shield into the fray, leaving to chance who would be victorious. In the struggle, the shield fell into the Murk stream. Flourish saw her chance to flee, and diverted the stream of Murk, spilling it out to form the Murk ocean, or unbounded empyrean beneath the Pleroma. The shield is now said the remain as the great divider between the two realms. The battle between Allur and Law revealed Ruin, emerging from the cataract of chaotic Murk — the breaking of the Pleroma and the shedding of its beings' blood through strife and war.
• Strife
• War
• Pain

10   Absence (Death) Quietus

Flourish, becoming hidden by a cloudy cloak of Murk and shadow escapes. She then plunged into the Murk ocean, never to emerge - revealing in her place, rising back out of the Murk: the Pylar Absence, and death — an emptiness greater than the Void, for in it is no peace.
• Absence
• Death

11   Labor, Toil (?)
The Pylars endlessly search for Flourish in the Murk throughout all the ages that were and are to come — revealing Labor, the loss of effort in time, and entropy working against all beings in pursuit of Flourish. This is why all things are born, derived, or refined from the Murk through great effort.
• Entropy

12   Devotion & Cheer (Twins)

The Pylars refused to give up hope in their search for Flourish, and revealed the twins Devotion and Cheer, the ability to hope and perservere in spite of Labor, Ruin, and Absence, and indeed laugh in the face of them. Their arrow shoots toward hope, the string of the bow laughing as it flies.
• Hope
• Reunion

13   Enigma

Some believe in the existence of Enigma, the last Pylar, which is unknown and unknowable until the end of time. Its presence is revealed in that the Absolutus and Pylars sometimes intervene in spite of Paradox. It is believed that Enigma will reveal the Absolutus' hidden purpose of redemption in the struggles of the Pylars, and redeem Flourish as the bride and mother of the universe.
• The great mystery of redemption
• Divine intervention that supercedes chance and luck

Delvers Lore & World / LORE: Delvers Guilds
« on: December 31, 2014, 01:13:01 AM »
After working on these off and on for a long time, I think I'm ready to make some more final announcements of the guilds in the Delvers' world.

My thought is that these change(d) throughout the mythos' history, and therefore may not be consistent in name or constituent classes from game to game if we ever make a sequel or expand the universe.

***Important note: While this may not be reflected in Delver's Drop since the character colors are already nailed down, the Assassin is moving from the Hangmen Hoods (Rogue's) guild to the Night Striders (Huntsman's) guild. The Assassin fits better with hunters, trappers, and snipers, who are all "glass cannon" classes that use stealth and kill from the shadows, but are not as effective on the front-lines. Fast, high chance of critical strikes, but low defense.

On to the classes!

1. The Hangmen Hoods

"The thumb on the scales of life and death."

Magenta and Silver

Distinctions + Skills:
Deception, thievery, outlaw justice, Robin-hood tactics (rob from the rich to feed the poor)

Possible Classes:
Rogue, Catspaw / Alleycat, Burglar, Hoodlum, Spy, Executioner / Headsman, Fencer / Swordsman, Highwayman / Bandit, Headhunter / Bountyhunter, Sellsword
Maybe removing Executioner / Headsman, and adding Pirate / Buccaneer / Freebooter, Sewer Rat, and Jailbreaker

2. The Sword Scars

"Bleed. Succeed."

Red and Bronze

Distinctions + Skills:
Ignoring pain to succeed through brute strength and berzerker rage.

Possible Classes:
Gladiator, Warrior, Marauder, Trooper, Man-at-Arms, Champion, Tank, Bull, Minotaurian (not actually a minotaur, a human wearing a bull helm)
Maybe adding Executioner / Headsman

3. The Night Striders

"Eyes watchful, wings silent, talons deadly."

Green, Brown

Distinctions + Skills:
Hide and use stealth, then suddenly kill with cold precision and a high chance of critical strikes. Glass cannons.

Possible Classes:
Hunter / Huntsman, Tracker / Trapper, Stalker / Strider, Sniper, Slayer / Deathdealer, Assassin / Shinobi

4. The Tower Watch

"Beacon at sea, shield of the shore."


Distinctions + Skills:
Temple warriors by the sea, who use wind, water, and earth magic to defend themselves and others.

Possible Classes:
Knight, Templar, Chevalier / Cavalryman, Paladin, Sentinel, Crusader, Tower, Rook, Gatekeeper, Sage (aka Gandalf)

5. The Bone Wardens

"Better to lose a leg than gain a grave-maggot."

Gray, Purple.

Distinctions + Skills:
Hard-nosed healers who can protect and buff (with some downsides - icky leeches!), and may also get in the fray to amputate enemies. (See Dr. Zed from Borderlands.)

Possible Classes:
Medic, Sawbones (Masked Doctor), Gravemaster / Gravedigger, Crypt Keeper / Tomb Master, Exorcist, Excavator, Eviscerator, Coroner, Witch Doctor ( ? ), Malpracticer, Leecher

6. The Searing Winds

"Ready, aim, double-prime, triple-check, combust." <--kind of weak, subject to change

Navy, Red, Gold

Distinctions + Skills:
Military alchemists and masters of guns and explosives who over-complicate everything.

Possible Classes:
Concoctor, Tinker, Musketeer, Alchemist, Bombardier / Cannoneer, Cuirassier, Gunslinger / Gunner, Sharpshooter, Artilleryman, Bomber, Demolitionist, Arsonist, Fusilier

7. The Forge Blazers

"In hedge we reside,
Elements we bind and loose,
Mysterious goose."

Brown, Gray, and everything else

Distinctions + Skills:
Eccentric mad scientists of the elements with some melee combat ability.

Possible Classes:
Channeler, Wielder, Torcher / Torchbearer, Brandisher, Elementalist, Vulcanist, Blazer, Dervish, Wize, Mage, Forgemaster / Forgekeeper

8. The Dawn Fellowship

"We tend the tree grows 'round the nest, born of Heart and Ichor bless'd."

White, Green

Distinctions + Skills:
Peaceful clerics and miracle healers, who may take up arms in melee combat to defend others. Attuned to regenerative (and sometimes offensive) plant magic.

Possible Classes:
Apothecary, Monk, Cleric, Orator, Wonderworker, Arborist, Saint, Hermit (Lumberjack)

9. The Wild Beloved

"The beasts clothe, the birds herald."

Brown, Pink

Distinctions + Skills:
Feral (yet civilized) nomads, friends of animals, summoners, and skin-changers.

Possible Classes:
Beastkeeper / Beastmaster / Beastbinder, Skinchanger, Shaman, Druid, Beastbane, Huntmaster / Wild Hunter, Predator, Summoner, Spritecaller

10. The Pale Whisperers

"We scry beyond the pale."

Violet, Fuschia, Chartreuse, etc.

Distinctions + Skills:
Sorcerers and enchanters who summon spirits and sap life energies, and inhale and imbibe enchanted substances to gain (or focus, or simply deal with) offensive spiritual powers. Horrible at direct combat.

Possible Classes:
Illusionist, Medium, Sorcerer, Conjurer, Necromancer, Darkworker, Spectre Caller, Shadow Walker / Shadow Dancer, Murmurer, Glamourist, Seducer, Tempter / Temptress

11. The Compass Hearts

"A way to find 'round every red thorn."

Tan / Gold, Rust

Distinctions + Skills:
Sometimes bumbling, sometimes highly skilled, they are wayfinders, scribes, and tacticians.

Possible Classes:
Cartographer, Illuminator, Wayfarer / Wayfinder, Scribe, Tactician, Commander, Delvemaster

12. The Gilded Smiles

"Song is our longbow, laughter our dart, to tickle your secrets, and purloin your heart."

Teal, Gold, Red, Violet

Distinctions + Skills:
Performers, artisans, courtiers, and charmers who deal in secrets and distraction with their enemies, but warm the hearts and rally the spirits of their allies.

Possible Classes:
Harlequin / Jester / Fool, Courtier, Bard, Acrobat, Dancer / Ballerina, Firedancer, Firebreather, Hoop Dancer / Blade Dancer, Dramatist / Thespian, Masker / Mummer, Ventriloquist / Puppeteer

13. The Lost Labor Guilds (not a true guild)

"Brow-sweat is our meed."

Gray, White, Tan

Distinctions + Skills:
Guilds of workers (and beggars) with no ancient secret skills.

Possible Classes:
Butcher, Angler, Plowman / Farmer, Stablemaster, Kennelmaster, Shepard, Cattlemaster, Gambler, Vagabond, Beggar

Off-Topic Taps / Baker built a PC - Christmas Miracle!
« on: December 30, 2014, 02:48:58 PM »

This is partially from the chat box, but expanded with the actual build info.

P.S. I built a PC! (with the gracious help of Kurt Dillow, one of our animators, who knows way more than I do).

It's spec'd out to work as a Hackintosh, but I've just been running Windows so far. I added a bunch of plugins and stuff to make it work better... that is, more like Mac OSX (blush)

Doomspeaker [29|Dec 05:45 AM]:   Baker using a normal PC? CHRISTMAS MIRCALES DO STILL HAPPEN.

I did give up and downloaded a plugin that switches the ctrl / windows keys so they are like mac, and I'm using a mac keyboard because I can't find any windows keyboards that are comfortable :(

But, yes, PC does make some things way way easier. I just need to get around to adding another harddrive and setting it up to be able to boot from win or mac. Then I can do some design work on mac, and windows for games etc. Font rendering looks horrible on windows by comparison - almost impossible to do any fine-tuning of design with text / typography.

I used to use VMWare Fusion (with Bootcamp) to emulate or boot Windows, but it never worked that well for games. It might have just been my computer though (at the time). And with Apple moving toward less and less ability to upgrade / modify their hardware (like that tiny little Mac Pro), I think I am now a Hackintosh guy for good.

I will now probably just reboot as needed - work on OSX for design work, switch to Windows for game dev / gameplay. I have it set up in windows right now so that i can work about 90% as well as on OSX. I don't want to have to reboot all the time, so being able to work in either is nice - so whichever is booted up i can do just about anything. The only thing i really can't do on both is super fine typography work in windows, and on Mac I can't play our game (when coby has no made a mac build) or any other win-only games.

Baker's Hackintosh / PC Build:


Corsair Obsidian Series 750D


Intel Core i7-4790K

Graphics Card:

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 G1 Gaming 4GB GDDR5

Crucial Ballistix Sport 16GB Kit (8GBx2) DDR3 1600
Will double this soon!

Boot Drive:
Samsung 840 EVO 250GB

Pioneer Electronics USA Internal Blu-Ray Writer


Corsair Hydro Series H105 240mm

Power Supply:
Corsair AX860i

Windows 8.1

Plus some fans and some HDD's that I'm in the process of swapping around. Right now I have a 2TB drive to run Dropbox for work, and my Steam games + iTunes library. The goal is to split this into a Media-only (games+audio) drive, and a drive for work files, Dropbox, my portfolio archive, etc.

Then I just need to buy another SSD to use as a Mac OSX boot drive, and get all the fussy stuff set up to run it as a Hackintosh.

Utilities I added:

Sorry no links, I would have to hunt for them again :( This is my repository of little apps that make Windows almost kinda sorta as good as OSX! Except for Yosemite, which can eat poop.

Alt-Drag - lets you scroll in panes, even when the window is not in focus
Clover - lets you run tabbed Explorer windows
Cropper - helps you take screenshots (and capture portions of your screen) without the necessity of print-screen + an imaging app like or Photoshop
Fast Picture Viewer (paid) - view Photoshop and other files as thumbnails of the image file
Flux - I assume you know what this is
Paragon NTFS / HFS drivers (paid) - allows you to view and edit files on Mac/Windows format harddrives without making everything an exFAT -
SharpKeys - allows you to reassign keyboard keys, so I swapped CTRL / WIN keys, and just use a Mac keyboard as if I'm on a Mac.

In other news, I'm now using Timecamp to track all of my work (and our contractors work) on Delvers and any other projects we pick up - I recommend it if you need a good time tracking app (it can do invoices too).

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